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Kama Shell

New Release

Dont Stick Your 
Toes in Your Nose

While you're using your fingers, he's using his toes. Don't Stick Your Toes in Your Nose will leave you with countless giggles as you follow Bruce K on his adventures of sticking his toes in his nose, his crayons in his ears, and much more.

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Praise & Reviews

"An introduction to reasonable rules featuring repeating rhymes and an appealing main character."-Kirkus Reviews

Cute way of teaching children on what to do and what not to do on a daily basis...I love your book and I would buy your book for baby showers, children's birthdays and newborns. I LOVE YOUR BOOK.

K. Amenson

I love it! The story was so fitting for a children's book, the words were easy to read, the characters were so relatable, and the pictures were perfect!

L. Matthews

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About Kama Shell

Mother of Kace, wife, R.N, Netflix Binger. Spreading laughter and giggles through children's literature.

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